Model and Pattern Making
Wayne Kulesza has long been a precision craftsman. However, his experience extends beyond fine woodworking. Before opening his own workshop, Wayne was employed as a model and pattern maker for several years. In this field, he worked with various materials, including wood and metal, to produce miniatures, molds, sculptures, and scale models, among other like projects. Wayne has been called upon to build demonstration models and prototypes for inventors seeking patents, as well as scale models for design projects. He has even fashioned plaster molds for the creation of metallic busts.

Wayne continues to make use of the skills he learned as a model maker, even though he now focuses more on fine woodworking projects. His experiences with other materials and his work as a machinist have only made him a more worldly and effective craftsman.

Although, model and pattern making are no longer his focus, Wayne continues to offer his services in that field to private and commercial clients. If you are an inventor or designer in need of a demonstration model or have a similar project, contact The Master's Craftsman.

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