Heirloom Restoration
Wayne Kulesza's extensive background in fine woodworking allows him to skillfully restore or refinish your aged or damaged pieces with careful attention to even the most complex details.

Wayne recently refinished a 200 year old Italian Marble table and this Tiger Oak Dining table. He has also worked to restore this beautiful 1928 pool table. Pieces like these are designed to be striking additions to a home, but they hardly serve that purpose if they are in poor condition. The Master's Craftsman will return your treasured woodwork to a state of grace and beauty.

This piece is a safe chest. Wayne removed the worn locking mechanism and replaced it with a newer version. In time the lock's color will change and blend in with the other part of the chest. Wayne has been a part of the woodworking culture for many years and his resourcefulness is often hard to match.

In addition to the work above, Wayne may also be able to re-imagine and add to existing pieces. If you have questions or ideas, he is happy to help.

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